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Letting school know about a positive Covid-19 test result after 19 July

Dear parents and carers

Covid-19 Reporting Arrangements after 19th July

Now children have broken up for the summer holiday, we again ask for your assistance to help control Covid-19. As schools hold key information to support contact tracing, this will still need to happen for any new positive cases that have been in school within 2 full days of developing symptoms or in the 2 days before testing positive if asymptomatic.

If your child develops symptoms within 2 days* of being in school, please advise school by telephone on 01384 818530 (8am – 3pm Tuesday 20th July or Wednesday 21st July) or by email on

This is because we will need to assist in identifying close contacts and advise self-isolation, as the individual may have been infectious whilst in school.

However, if your child tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) during the holiday, having developed symptoms more than 2 full days* since being in school, school will not required to take any action as parents and carers should follow contact tracing instructions provided by NHS Test and Trace.

*Eg. If someone develops symptoms on Tuesday 20th July or Wednesday 21st July, contact tracing will need to take place for Monday 19th July (if the child was in school), and this then covers 2 full days before symptoms appear.

Please do not use to contact school after 3pm on Wednesday as emails will not be monitored after this time until we return in September. will be checked twice a day up to and including Friday 23rd July. Please only use this email address to contact school about a positive Covid-19 case.


Have a great summer. Stay safe


Best wishes


Alison Wootton