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We aim to provide your child with a fantastic education and an enjoyable, safe and successful experience at Withymoor Primary School. However, there may be times when you have a concern or worry about an aspect of school life. We want to be given the opportunity to answer questions and sort out any issues quickly and effectively and on most occasions one of our friendly office staff can help, or will suggest that you speak to your child's class teacher. Class teachers will often be able to reassure and answer queries/resolve  problems that are brought to their attention, or for children in Nursery, Mrs Angela Dulson, Early Years Phase Leader, should be able to help. 

Alternatively, please make an appointment to speak to your child's Phase Leader: 

For children in Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2 - Mrs Dulson

For children in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 -  Miss Hampson

If your problem or concern remains unresolved, or for more serious or pressing concerns, please contact Mrs Rebecca Tong, Deputy Headteacher or Mrs Alison Wootton, Headteacher on 01384 818530 or by email:

Please note that the person you want to speak to may not be available immediately and may need to return your call/contact you at a later time. Alternatively, an appointment may need to be made for a mutually convenient date/time.

For concerns relating to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, please make an appointment to speak to Mrs Lara Billingham, Inclusion Manager, who works Monday - Thursday.

If, after the above has been followed, you remain dissatisfied with school's response, a formal complaint can be made. Please see our Complaints Policy for further information (below).

For Safeguarding/Child Protection concerns please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Rebecca Tong, Designated Safeguarding Lead. Mrs Alison Wootton, Headteacher, Mrs Lara Billingham, Inclusion Manager, and Mrs Lian Barrett, Assistant Headteacher are also Designated Safeguarding Leads.

We hope of course that you do not have cause to complain but ask that, if you do, you follow the steps listed above. Please do not use social media to complain about school, a member of staff, parent or child. Thank you for your support