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Design Technology

Design Technology at Withymoor

Our aim is for every pupil to research and design, creating their own criteria for success to solve real life problems for an end user. Pupils will apply subject specific knowledge, make links to other curriculum subjects to become designers and creators, and work safely with a range of tools and materials. During the process, pupils will further develop oracy and team building skills as they develop, evaluate and refine their product. As part of the cooking and nutrition element of the Design Technology curriculum, our pupils will be taught how to cook healthy and nutritious foods creatively. The aim is to develop a love of cooking as a lifelong skill, which will enable them to feed themselves and others an affordable and balanced diet.

Our Design Technology Overview and Progression document outlines our intentions for the teaching of a high quality Design Technology curriculum at Withymoor.  It also includes progression information and details how we ensure that our curriculum is inclusive.

Please see your child's class page for more detail about what your child will be learning. 

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