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Spoken language

Spoken Language


Pupils will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively, speaking with increasing confidence, clarity and fluency
  • Participate in discussions and debate in a variety of contexts
  • Listen to the views, opinions and ideas of others with increased interest
  • Articulate ideas and thoughts clearly with appropriate tone and vocabulary recognising audience
  • Respond to questions and opinions appropriately
  • Retell stories and poems which are known by heart
  • Ask questions with increasing relevance and insight



Skills will be developed through:

  • providing a range of opportunities for children to talk and listen in formal and informal settings
  • whole class, and group guided reading and writing sessions led by the class teacher or supported by classroom assistants;
  • the use of drama and role play to explore imagined situations;
  • links between language and music exploring rhythm.
  • a daily story time when the teacher read aloud to the class for enjoyment;
  • class discussion and debate, showing times or news sharing when pupils are encouraged to speak to a large group or class;
  • paired and small group sharing of ideas and verbalizing prior to writing;
  • interviewing carried out as part of cross curricular work;
  • visiting drama groups used when possible;
  • local theatre visits
  • other visits to places of educational interest are used to develop and extend language and provide opportunities for its use;
  • participation in school assemblies and productions as well as the School Council.