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Tik Tok - age requirement raised to 18

TikTok has now raised its Livestreaming Age Requirement to 18 (BBC News)  
TikTok has frequently been called out for its glaring failures to protect under 18s which use its service. With its flashy images, easily digestible content and ‘childlike’ feel it has always been popular among school aged children. A fact which has made its safeguarding failures all the more worrying. The platform’s attempt to ban under 18s seems to be unfeasible however, and so it is as important as ever to be aware of its usage in the classroom. In particular, its gift function can easily be manipulated in order to commit criminal acts against children. As such wariness around the app should not be lowered as a result. To find out more about what motivated their decision, and its potential outcomes head over to the page linked below: